'The heartfelt HEALER'
Annette O’Donnell


"Just imagine ...for a moment

every cell in your body being brushed with love - such a deep profound love that you instantly feel safe loved and protected....

This was just my awakening Angelic experience alongside being guided to start Asking the Angels for their Visual Presence upon a blank canvas.Their messages, guidance and healings started to be channelled through Painting with Angels

I am now to be the vessel ...to bring through the pure loving light and share this means of communication with you "

Painting with Angel Events are available as :

- Private 1:1 Angel Healing Day

As an Angel Healer I activate your Deep Core Healing & Life Transformation for joyful & purposeful living within this safe and loving environment. With Angelic communication guiding the day to bring through whats needed for you at this time. As part of the opening I will connect and channel your personal healing Angel upon a canvas for you to see, hold and use as a portal for your own meditations and healings at home. The day may include any of the following : Angelic Reiki treatment, Healing Harp therapy, EFT technisue, Muscle testing to embed the energies within your being  

This bespoke Day can be arrranged to suit your diary and will take place in a quiet , serence space

- within a RETREAT in LOURDES France

Join me for this unique Angel Retreat in the healing centre of the world LOURDES France

" Do you want To be Spiritually Awoken and Connected? ....Struggling with something Heathwise, Emotionally or Mentally that you want to shift? 

Feeling unfamiliar with so far ...with that power of 'the profound '- God, Angel Universe energy that surrounds us ? Want to connect to and experience deep core life transformation ? ..Looking for meaning in your life ? and want something to shift and something to support you"

"I did .....I have.......and I now here ...to connnect YOU with that concsiousness

" Before my visit to this exact place in 2007.......... I was far from Awoken..........."

We experience a FULL day Painting with Angels at start of this 4 x day experience 

- Full Day group Workshop

next date : SUNDAY 9th APRIL 10-4pm in venue in WGC  £150 all incl.

Within a Full Day workshop space you will connect with your Angels and request their presencevisually upon an art canvas – Creating a VISUAL VOICE of ANGELS 

...this artwork is created through painting with your hands only using acrylic paints and often blindfolded as its NOT you doing the painting!  No ego just energy that I show you how to connect with
YOUR artwork will embue the healing , energy and messages for you - you take home this spiritual keepsake which will continue to heal you and communicate with you 
Many clients have seen personal messages – images and symbols from loved ones within the canvas and are given comfort that supports them from heron

 My personal experiences with this profound and loving energy alongside the channeling and creation of the healing paintings you see on ANGEL ART tab (above) , has deepened and finely tuned my connection with the Angelic Realm. My message is to pass onto you this wonderful healing connection and means of communication.

To find out more contact

Annette O’Donnell – The heartfelt HEALER 07890 575828
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