Angelic Reiki Healing Harp

'The heartfelt HEALER'
Annette O’Donnell

Angelic Reiki Healing Harp
Healing through High resonance Healing Harp with Chakra Balance

The Angelic Healing Harp is the "Doorway between the Worlds" of heaven and earth. 
My Harp connects with Angels and Universal energy to HEAL 
Healing the cells in your body through resonance and heals your soul
Even if people cannot hear every tone of the harp, they still receive vibrations as ‘resonance,’ through skin, bone, muscle and the central nervous system. That is why in 1:1 sessions I include on body healing so as to amplify the resonance through physical sensation
 Dis ease or illness is really an outcome of body cells that are not in balance. To rebalance and restore harmony is the key     …… and The Angelic Healing Harp does exactly this
This Harp has especially designed spaces within the wood which when held against your body stimulates energy centres including the Thymus Gland   which in turn activates self –healing
Recent clients include those with chronic illnesses incl. MS – Parkinsons – Depression and Cancer 
And those wanting to experience a closer connection with the profound energy around … many have had spiritual whilst enveloped within the high vibrational energy that attracts ‘like’ 

Harp Healing is available as
1:1 with Chakra Balance ( in person or distance )
As a SOUNDBATH (with individual personal tasters) groups of 8-10 people 

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