Working with Angels

‘ The heartfelt HEALER’

Annette O’Donnell


Working with Angels

Having been Awoken to the presence of Angels in 2007 both in Lourdes and then again at home in the UK soon after ..... I have in the years following  developed my Angelic Communication skills and deepened my Connection with the Healing energy that they bring

With my skills as an Angel Life Coach, Communication Master,   Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Practitioner   - I am here at this time to be a conduit for Angelic Experience and a vessel for your own personal Deep Core Healing and Spiritual Expansion Identifying the blocks, issues and challenges…..then
...........Bringing Love, Balance and flow into your everyday BEING
My connection flows through a combination of Healing through Art , Sound and Readings


Working with Angels I bring you :


Angel Retreats in Lourdes France                         (click on link page above)

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Angel Life Coaching 

2 x hour Coaching Skype session £197

or 12 x week (1 hr fortnightly) package £800


Angel Healing Days 1:1                                            £500

As an Angel Healer I activate your Deep Core Healing & Life Transformation for joyful & purposeful living within this safe and loving environment. With Angelic communication guiding the day to bring through whats needed for you at this time. As part of the opening I will connect and channel your personal healing Angel upon a canvas for you to see, hold and use as a portal for your own meditations and healings at home. The day may include any of the following : Angelic Reiki treatment, Healing Harp therapy, EFT technisue, Muscle testing to embed the energies within your being  

This bespoke Day can be arrranged to suit your diary and will take place in a quiet , serene space


Angel Card Readings with Energy Chakra Balance             £50

Crystal Clear Angel card Readings with Chakra Balance

Connecting with the Archangels , I set the intention to receive and pass on to you the guidance that you need to know at this time. Often the structure can include ' influence' cards which point out issues that have , do or will affect the situation /outcomes.The readings vary in 'Spread' depending on your request and along side the messages I associate the topics and issues directly to the Angels for feedback on any blockages within your Chakras. This information is valuable at this time as I am then able to energetically clear and improve the flow of energy to and from these blocks. Each energy centre ( Chakra) has a specific Archangel to call upon to heal the situation and this is how the balance is restored 

The reading spread is then photographed and sent to you as a  summary report for you to keep for reference.

Please contact me to discuss your situation and intention prior to booking - as then I can prepare the energetic space to serve you.

Please call or message me on 07890 575828


Angelic Reiki Harp Healing Treatment                     £60

This Angelic Reiki Harp Healing connects with the high vibrational energy of the Archangels and universal energy to bring Healing to you. 

I am given messages and guidance as to which Angel(s)  to request present within this healing and the asspciated healing Angel to balance your Chakras which may be have blocks and low energy flow. This healing works for and on many levels including Physical, Mental and Emotional planes for your highest good

Even if people cannot hear every tone of the harp, they still receive vibrations as ‘resonance,’ through skin, bone, muscle and the central nervous system. That is why in 1:1 sessions I include on body healing so as to amplify the resonance and Healing through physical sensation

Dis ease or illness is really an outcome of body cells that are not in balance. To rebalance and restore harmony is the key     …… and The Angelic ReikiHealing Harp does exactly this.

This Harp has especially designed spaces within the wood which when held against your body stimulates energy centres including the Thymus Gland   which in turn activates self –healing

Within this treatment I directly connect to the Angels for feedback on any blockages within your Chakras. This information is valuable at this time as I am then able to energetically clear and improve the flow of energy to and from these blocks. Each energy centre ( Chakra) has a specific Archangel to call upon to heal the situation and this is how the balance is restored 

This beautiful 'Sound bath' experience with a group is Breathtaking - Healing and for many lifechanging.

Working from the Heart and creating the space to open your Heart Chakra to receive and Perceive Divine love and Angelic Guidance with Healing

Recent successes include:

(1) .......a client who was a little sceptical prior to the Harp Healing experience but within moments experienced an energy so profound and healing and said "
I felt it was one of the most powerful forms of connection with Angelic beings I have had to date.
Thank-you Annette for the experience and enabling me to connect with Angelic energies
(2) .......Anita had booked last minute onto an experience day with me through fear as she had just been discharged from hospital after a 'brick wall 'moment. She arrived quite stressed and in pain - clutching pain killers which were having no effect and she needed to wait another 4 hrs before taking anymore. within 10 minutes of the Meditation and Harp healing she had no pain whatsoever and this continued. 
(3) ......A recent client suffers from Parkinsons and had not slept a whole nights sleep in 6 years. The evening after her taster treatment she slept a full 10 hours and was overjoyed at the rejuvenation she felt

Please contact me prior to booking on 07890 575828 to discuss group numbers, consent forms, venue location and dates available 

Treatments have an acculmulative effect and a block booking of 3 x treatments is of the most benefit longterm

And those wanting to experience a closer connection with the profound energy around … many have had spiritual insights whilst enveloped within the high vibrational energy that attracts ‘like’ 

Treatment usually lasts between 45 mins - 1hr

In person - or Distant

Please contact me to discuss your treatment prior to booking online 
Annette 07890 575828


Heartfelt Angel Development Group meetings ( monthly)       £15

Connecting—Learning & Living with Angels’

What’s involved?  how to connect & communicate with Angels  for Joyful and Purposeful living

How do we do it?

Structured content & development exercises to  Hear, See & Sense Angels with meditations—creativity and music

What happens?

Practical and learning activities with  Angelic Reiki Healings & rebalance  techniques to Hear, See & Feel Angels  

Who should attend? 

Anyone wanting to welcome Angels into their lives  - from beginners to experienced

Venue :   Norton Methodist Church—North Avenue—LGC—SG1 1DH       


Day:    SUNDAYS   

Mar 12th (2—4pm) , Apr  23rd (6.30-8.30 ) May 14th, June 18th, July 23rd, Aug 20th, Sept 10th ,Oct 15th ,Nov 19th & Dec 10th 

£15   per session—must book place in advance

 Call /text  Annette O’Donnell  07890575828 to book  your place



Clients find me me when they were AWOKEN and READY  - where they now felt a pull - tug to go within and take responsibility for the ‘Wonder’ ful life they were looking to create

They understood that an Energy far greater than us all is caring about us

If you are Awoken and Ready  to receive Transformation and Healing in your life join my group  here


To find out more about how I can serve you me

Annette O'Donnell - The heartfelt HEALER 07890 575 828