'The heartfelt HEALER'

Annette O’Donnell



When you understand that an Energy far greater than us all is caring about you that is truly

a life-changing moment! ...a time of Personal Transformation


I am Annette, The Heartfelt Healer working with those of you who are already AWOKEN and READY to experience Connection to the Divine and the Angels for Deep Healing, Spiritual expansion and Life Transformation

I work with positive, forward thinking clients who are currently looking for Support, Guidance and Clarity from that higher loving energy  - as they want to experience a shift , hear their soul calling ..and move forward

Is this you ? 

Let me be the pure vessel as I hold the space for you to experience and sense Angelic Healing & and Guidance so you can  to experience this Shift -  and Life Transformation to live your life without old programmed thoughts and beliefs ...no imposed limits.

Speaking from direct experience with the Angels of Light and  I am here to share that connection and open your heart to receive and perceive......... right here,…right now

I have certifications, qualifications and trainings ....but this is only a fraction of my authenticity...as to be in the PRESENCE of Angels at a time of need......was truly a God given gift and blessing that I will never forget



Are you ready to.......connect with me and exerience Deep Healing and Life Transformation with the Divine Energy and your Angels ?

you can join our group today ... and connect with like-minded people here



It all starts here….

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